With the global market of packaged Water, Beverage and other liquid food growing at a rapid rate. PET stands as a perfect solution to replacing glass in the industry.
PET has all the advantages of strength as it is rugg ed, unbreakable along with its ultra light weight and high barrier properties. PET is cost effective and affordable to be used as a packaging material for Food and Beverage because of its physical properties such as toughness and chemical resistance.
PET drastically reduces the cost of transportation of a product packaged in it compare to glass. It also guarantees almost nil breakage or damage during its entire journey from factory to customer.
PET BLOWING MACHINEPET is easy to mould into a wide variety of shapes and sizes theirles improving the aesthetic appearance of the product packaged in it. PET is 100% recyclable which makes it environmental friendly. PET can be produced in various colors, totally transparent or even opaque. Thus providing solutions for multiple industries and products.
SEPPA offers a wide range of PET blowing machines, Semi-automatic to Fully automatic from low speed lines to high speed lines to service the needs of various industries and products.
SEPPA also offers a complete line solution for PET Bottles and Jars. Thus includes Rinser filler, Cappers, Labelers, Date and Batch Coders, Multiple Shrink/Carton packaging equipments Palletizer and Stretch wrappers.
SEPPA offers complete PET line solutions for Water, Sparkling Water, CSD, Juice, Milk, Beer, Liquor and Wine.

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      Your packaging partner, from conception to commercialization SEPPA is one of the world leaders in PET blow moulding know-how and technology. We have been developing state-of-the-art, tailor-made solutions for a quarter of a century, and along the way have accumulated unparalled expertise in the design and production of packaging for foods & beverages, health & beauty care, pharmaceuticals, and others.

      “Buy me!”

      Packaging is one of the key ingredients of a brand's equity, especially in fast-moving consumer goods. An appealing package design can be the trigger that initiates a buying decision. In fact, the package is often an important product differentiator, so creative, innovative packaging can go a long way in determining success or failure in the marketplace. The fact is, packages that say “Buy me” get bought, while those that hide stay hidden.


      To the advantages of PET itself, the extraordinary characteristics of SSB 10 to SSB 150 are its simplicity, compactness, reliability and flexibility. Quickly installed, the machine is ready for producing bottles of various shapes and contents as the changes of the moulds are rapid. Renowned for these advantages, it is the “two step” machine which is the most sold in the world and gives satisfaction to hundreds of manufactures for very different applications: Mineral water, carbonated drinks, Edible oil, Detergents… This is the ideal system for the economical production, of quality bottles

      • (i) Water and beverage
      • (ii) CSD, Sparkling water and energy drinks
      • (iii) Alcohol, Liquors
      • (iv)Juices, teas, sport's drink
      • (v) Craft and commercial beer
      • (vi) Liquid dairy products
      • (vii) Cosmetics and personal care
      • (viii) Pharma products
      • (ix) Oil
      • (x) Cleaning liquids and chemicals
      • (xi) Wide mouth jars for various products


        The Quartz Oven

        Seven to Ten horizontally and angularly adjustable IR lamps can be turned to allow a more uniform heating of any type of performs before blowing. Preheating is achieved by recirculating hot air exhausted by lamps. The system automatically adjusts to changes in the ambient temperature. An oven with ten lamps (Optional) permits the heating of thicker performs.

        Stretching System

        A double cylinder stretching unit is standard equipment and ensures the fastest possible stretching speed, and the longest possible stretching stroke. Linear motion guides provide ultra smooth movement and the lowest possible friction coefficient. Servo motors are also used in SLE models for electrical stretching.

        The Control Cabinet

        The control cabinet is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a HMI touch screen and graphic visualization. Multiple parameter entry for all performs and bottle shapes and size. The PLC is integrated with a self diagnostic program with state of art artificial intelligence introduced to ensure highest efficiency during production. The system displays and records, blowing speed and productivity.


        1) Water and milk bottles (PP + PLA)
        2) Hot-fill fruit juice bottles (PP)
        3) Compostable bottles (PLA)
        4) Beer (Barrier PET)

        Process Advantages

        1) Innovative solutions for new products and customers
        2) Process flexibility
        3) Equipment versatility

      • PET Semi automatic blowing machine

        The futuristic Next Gen Linear Electric Stretch Blow of SSB – SLE developed after years of R&D by SEPPA. The variable pitch unit synchronizes the heating system with the help of servo motors to the high speed preform transfer system which de-loads and transfers the preform to the blowing section. The high speed mould clamping in the blowing section supports to produce more than 1500 - 2000 bottles per cavity. This design reduces the cost of equipment while achieving high speed compare to the rotary blowing machine.

        Heating System

        In the SSB – SLE Model infeed star wheel transfers the performs to the continuous heating conveyor with individual preform mantels that hold the preform from inside their neck area. The performs rotate around their axis continuously as they travel through the infra red heating system. In the SSB - SL model performs are held by the neck not a mantel. The heating lamps are individually controlled for perfection in heating and to achieve quality of blown bottles according to their shape. A infra red camera is placed at the end of the heating zone to transmit actual temperature to the controller. The temperature can be compared with required set temperature and the PLC can auto correct if required. Different necks sizes of performs can be handled by a quickchange over of the preform holder and mantel.

        Stretch Blow Moulding Station

        The preform pick and place system then transfers the preform from the heating zone to the blowing station. The mould is closed by a toggle pneumatic locking system with pneumatic compensation. Moulds are engineered with different neck holders depending on preform neck type. A high speed preform stretching system either by pneumatic or servo drives is used to achieve varied stretch profiles. Once the stretch blow moulding process is completed the mould is opened.

        Bottle Discharge System

        Specialized grippers are used to catch the blown bottles by the neck and transfer them to the discharge air conveyor.


        The growing popularity of flip-top caps means that precise cap-to-container alignment is an absolute necessity. Unlike neck orientation features offered on other linear and rotary stretch blow moulding machines, which require the use of special preforms that feature one or two notches on the neck ring, SEPPA offers a solution that works with nearly all the preforms that are available on the market. This neck orientation option can be combined with the preferential heating option, offering the possibility of blowing a wider range of bottle shapes.

        PID system for heating zone

        An Infrared thermometer detects the temperature of the preforms and automatically adjusts the temperature of the oven to the correct level. It avoids the influence of the temperature difference between day time and night time. Also, the system can have an additional lamp alarm unit, It sounds when it detects any broken or aging lamps.

        Air Recovery system

        We know most of the production cost comes from two factors, blowing the bottles and reheating the performs . In order to reduce the production cost for the bottle manufactures, SEPPAhas introduced an Air recovery system. This system recovers up to 30% of exhausted High pressure air.

        Air cooling system

        We have developed an air cooling system for hot fill PET bottles, after high pressure blowing, air cooling is introduced. This reduces the level of PET residual stress, and increases the rate of PET crystallization. After the air cooling process, the PETbottle can stand hot filling without deformation.


        1) Food, cosmetics, personal care products, detergents,

        Process Advantages

        1) Simple to set up mechanical system
        2) Fast orientation in less than 0.8 sec
        3) Accurate and flexible positioning

        System Advantage

        1) Top quality PET bottles
        2) Lowest energy and air consumption
        3) Air recycling system
        4) Reduced air demand
        5) Affordable low investment
        6) Low production cost
        7) Rapid product change over time
        8) Minimized wear and tear
        9) Lowest downtime – optimized uptime

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    • PET Semi automatic blowing machine2

      Semi - Automatic PET Stretch Blow Moulding

      SEPPAhas conceptualized the most innovative concepts to produce affordable low cost PETBlowing Machine for small and medium speed production. SEPPA's focus is on sustainable production of the PETbottle creating solutions for enhancing productivity, low investment and bottle cost. SEPPAdesigns are driven towards maximum uptime and reduced cost of production SEPPA produces a complete range of Semi-auto PET Blowing machines to produce PET bottles from 0.1ml to 20 liters. The series are broken up into SSB 05A, B and C. apart from this the latest most optimized auto drop system with options of preform unscrambler and auto preform loader to the heating system is incorporated in the SSB D series. The SSB -05 and SSB 20C series needed more human involvement in the process of producing PET bottles. The SSB – D series had reduced the human involvement or dependency by 90%. This has increased production speed optimized efficiency and reduced production cost.

      PET semi automatic blowing machine3

      Preform loading and heating system

      The SSB 05 and SSB 20C series has a infra red heating system which needs the operator to load and unload performs on and from the preform holder or mantel. The SSB –D series does not need loading of performs as the loading is done automatically by a preform unscrambler. Its only once in couple of hours that performs has to be filled into the preform hopper. The unloading of performs is done by the operator.

      Preform loading onto mould

      In the SSB 05 and SSB 20C series performs have to be loaded by the operator into the mould neck area. This is strenuous and time consuming compare to the SSB – D series which requires the operator to drop the preform into preform carriers or neck slots. The pneumatically operated neck slot or preform carrier transfer the preform into the mould and come back during blowing cycle to be replenished, there by saving valuable cycle time. The preform discharge track as well as the preform loading carriers is designed in such a way they are in the same level so as to support easy and comfortable working for the operator.

      Preform blowing and discharge

      In the SSB 05 and SSB 20C series the operator needs to press a button to activate the mould close and blowing cycle once the bottles are blown the operator needs to remove the bottle form the mould manually. The SSB –D series the operator needs only to drop the performs into the preform carrier. A sensor senses the perform and starts the loading and mould closing and blowing cycle. Once the bottle is produced the mould opens automatically and ejects the bottle below into a exit channel where bottles can be collected in a box or bag.

      Multipurpose Infra Red Heater

      Six to Eight Horizontally and angularly adjustable infra red lamps can be fine-tuned to allow a more uniform heating of any type of preforms before blowing. Preheating is achieved by lamps and the system automatically adjusts to changes in the ambient temperature. An oven with ten lamps (optional permits the heating of thicker preforms. An oven with 24 lamps permits the heating of 20 liter bottle preform.

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Automatic PET Moulding Semi - Automatic PET Moulding