Compact Blow Fill Kombopure™ Equipment


Optional feature provided on request or in *Aseptic Models

Integrated functions enhanced efficiency Kombopure™

The SEPPA blow fill Kombopure TM increases efficiency, reduces foot print and enhances hygiene and quality. It uses a single PLC control system for both functions their by reduces capex and opex considerably compare to individual blowing and filling equipment.

Simple and safe solutions

  • Limitless options of configuration and rapid change over of bottle sizes.
  • Specialized design in valve helps in minimizing turbulence during filling fast dismantling of end valve assembly and replacement for different beverage types.
  • *Automatic false bottle activated during cleaning cycle.
  • Minimized line foot print for efficient line layout with sleek line design.
  • *Built in sterile environment to deliver safe and hygienic product.

Enhanced efficiency and reduced cost

  • Efficiency maximized compare to stand alone machines
  • Fast and economical.
  • Lower operating and maintenance cost.
  • Reduced energy, manpower, raw material and spare parts.
  • Enhanced ease in operation.
  • Designed for minimized wear and tear of moving parts. Extremely compact machine design.
  • High up time.
  • Satisfying energy efficiency.

SEPPA blowing and filling KOMBOPURETM can be integrated for maximum efficiency and minimum operating cost, with an advanced volumetric non-contact filling system integrated with *magnetic flow meters. The SEPPA fillers is most suitable for still water, juice and ice tea production to ensure the highest quality, hygiene and efficiency.