Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed malted alcoholic beverages in the world. Beer is brewed from starch sources (i.e) Cereal grain. Beer is brewed from basically malted Barley /Wheat/Rice/Maize/Corn/Millets/ etc along with water, hops and yeast.

  • Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on Papyrus scrolls around 5000 B.C.
  • It is also known that premivitive mescopotamia cultures also brewed beer around 10,000 B.C.
  • In the Middle Ages that’s when modern beer was born in Germany, Belgium and British isles.
  • Today modern beer is produced by a hand full of multinational companies but now with the entrance of craft beer the opening of thousands of small and medium breweries in USA, Europe and Australia.
    In India, Microbrewery and Craft brewery is at its nascent stage but growing rapidly and expected to grow to a billion US dollar market in next 5 years.
    The current global beer market making up mostly of larger beer is 520 billion USD and is expected to reach 750 billion USD by 2025. Beer accounts for 75% of global alcohol drink market share. India, China, USA, Europe, Russia, Germany, Mexico and Brazil are among the leading markets in the world.
    Beer scale is following an upward trend worldwide with many brands exploiting rich segments.
    The new strong craft trends are creating ripple and expected to grow to 500 billion USD by 2025.
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