PET Glass : Rinser Filler Capper Machine 200 BPM

Renowned for these advantages, it is the small "two step" machine which is the most sold in the world and gives satisfaction to hundreds of producers for very different applications: mineral water, carbonated drinks, edible oil, detergents…

PET Rinser Filler Caapper Machine

24 -30 BPM Canadianclear compact monoblock equipment is easy to install and commission. To the advantage of PET itself, the extraordinary characteristics are added simplicity, compactness, reliability and flexibility.

5 Gallon Washing Filling Capping,

6 PLC Bulk Water Bottling Equipments Production Capacity 300- 400 BPM Of 5 Gallon Bottle - Fully Washer, Auto Bottle Filler and Auto capper.

PET Blowing Machine SSB - 45

Fully Automatic Pet Stretch Blow Moulding Machine, Quickly installed, the machine is ready for producing bottles of various shapes and contents as the changes of the moulds are rapid.